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Transit is what punctuates our daily lives, professionally and personally. As members of vast ecosystems, how can we make our travel more sustainable, accessible and affordable? How can we move towards progress?
Public transport is part of our daily lives. As we enter a new era of innovation and sustainability, we seek to improve the notion of transit so that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Studio is calling for applications to bring together Canadian talent and find innovative solutions to these challenges. The Studio is seeking solutions that combine a creative aspect and an analytical aspect in order to develop new, innovative and targeted solutions.


  Mobility and accessibility don’t always go hand in hand. The issue of accessibility for as many people as possible is a real issue at a time when our economy is aiming to become greener. It concerns us all, including people with disabilities, the elderly and isolated communities. We need to rethink the future of transportation to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Here are some avenues for reflection:

Accelerate participatory production solutions

to create communities and solutions based on real and immediate needs

Better manage everyday obstacles

through creative solutions, in particular for people with reduced mobility or with a visual impairment, or even young parents with children in strollers

Offer flexible itineraries

allowing multiple stops, cost reduction, a strengthening of the sense of community and exchanges between users

Construct alternatives

for cities that are vehicle-centered

Propose itineraries

that connect to senses other than sight.

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and together we will explore the world of possibilities for
Canadian citizens.
Here are the challenges

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Health on the Go

    In 2020, concerns about the mental toll of public transit highlighted fears for the physical health of commuters. While public transport was not the main priority in the Western world, new emerging behaviours and health issues have arisen regarding the new landscape. As such, the need to feel physically safe and in the same comfortable mental space that a car can provide calls for a change in deep-rooted habits, bringing people back to the world of transport.

Here are some avenues for reflection:

Management of multi-sensory discomfort

when travelling: management of odours, noises, images, etc.

Optimization of downtime

to eliminate the feeling of “wasting time” in transit

Implementation of personal space

in public transport

Redesigning crossroads

and non-designated areas, blind spots (sidewalks, bike paths, etc.) to avoid accidents.

Promote the well-being of users

(physical and mental) through active mobility, increased safety, solutions offering mental rest on journeys, etc.

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and together we will explore the world of possibilities for
Canadian citizens.
Here are the challenges

Looking for

The Process


Generate opportunities

Here, we uncover concrete approaches using a rigorous research method that leverages our diverse talents and expertise.


Set the pace

Once an approach has been validated, a development framework and a clear roadmap are established. Through its structure, The Studio ensures a constant and sustained pace. We don’t have time to mess around.


Build relationships

To support the growth of the project, we sit around the same table as different experts, business partners and investors to share ideas and—ultimately—handshakes.

with us


Test your limits and break out of the mould: welcome to a highly collaborative space that brings together thinkers, go-getters and creators. We’re looking for someone like you who can craft a solid plan for each of our themes—and put it into action.


We’re choosing a world where we cultivate the beautiful and the new, even in its most unexpected forms. Creative people from all walks of life, we need your ideas and artistic solutions. Together, let’s shape a world where art and entrepreneurship elegantly converge.


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