There is still a lot of work to be done.

The future of work is fluid, it doesn’t live in one extreme or another.
It’s composed of people working from home, in the office or elsewhere. It’s made up of salary workers and contract workers, evolving simultaneously or at different rhythms.

In the blink of an eye, the future of work has arrived and is undergoing fundamental changes. We’re no longer in the 9-5 routine, as employers are rethinking how to revolutionize the way we work together and separately. The question is how we can contribute to this change, both as workers and as companies.

Magnetized office


Working from home has been a saving grace for families, introverts and many more people who have finally found their work-life balance. On the other hand, the traditional office still has its advantages when it comes to communication, teamwork and a sense of belonging.

Inspired by these ideas, future workspace layouts should aim to foster connections between employees and their environment in order to strengthen and support their overall well-being, while having the potential to become e a home away from home. Naturally, this goes beyond happy hour or ping-pong tables, as it’s about developing the right tools and designing the spaces in an inclusive way for collaboration, co-creation and a meaningful sense of community.

Here are some avenues for reflection:

Design work spaces

that are fluid, flexible, and easy to adapt.


office spaces that imitate the comfort of home.


common areas for collaborative work and social encounters.

Contribute to improve

employee well-being.


hot desking and hotelling systems.

The potential solutions proposed could involve the reimagining of spaces, objects or systems in the work environment.

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Out of site/In the sight

      Random meetings in hallways, chatting around the coffee machine or in the break room are routine aspects of the office lifestyle that people missed the most during the lockdown. These casual encounters can lead to amazing conversations, problem solving, increased productivity, and teamwork. 

 There are still methods to improve and create ways to ensure great communication and a sense of belonging for teams that are working off-site.   Your solution can take the form of a tool, a system, or a product, as remote work has no limits.

La Piscine has identified some ideas to choose from:

Create a sense of belonging

for teams working remotely

Facilitate communication

and collaboration of teams
– In different time zones
– With cultural differences
– In different languages

Encourage positive feedback

and professional advancement despite being physically distant.

Develop tools

to increase confidence and communication between colleagues and management.

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and together we will explore the world of possibilities for
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Re(mote) conn3ction

     Working from home can have its advantages, but uncomfortable chairs, distractions, and the blurring of lines between private and professional life are some of its disadvantages. The office, however, also presents its share of distractions. That’s why the creation of workspaces that are neither the desk nor the sofa is gaining ground. A third workspace to eliminate unwanted distractions and improve the general well-being of workers.

Once materialized through co-working spaces and shared offices, the third workplace is taking a calming turn, with spaces available from morning to night that don’t look like the typical office. They’re called greendesks, and they aim to foster connection to oneself, to nature, and within teams.

Here are some avenues for reflection:

Adapt unused or underused spaces

to transform them into efficient, flexible and temporary workplaces:
– Hotels
– Vacant land
– Urban areas
– Rural areas
– Restaurant areas…

Designing third work spaces

for a better connection experience with oneself and with nature.

Developing systems

that allow workers and teams to connect to each other as part of a third workspace.

Create greendesking areas,

a place of escape where you can go focus for the last stretch before an important deadline.

Reduce possible distractions

in greendesk spaces:
– Wind
– Lighting
– Noise

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and together we will explore the world of possibilities for
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With the rise of fluid models and hybrid workspaces in society, these changes will profoundly affect the construction of cities as we know them. Once known as our havens, homes are now places of work and vice versa. This has a profound effect on the future role of the city centre, which was historically a place of business.

With the majority of workers working flexibly in the city centre, how could 9 to 5 routine work spaces change? The answer is: through a transformed centre that connects humans to one another in the downtown area.

Here are some avenues for reflection:

Transform the workplace

by moving from a business-centred approach to a human-centred one.

Create central meeting points

in a transparent way, that connect people from the suburbs, from rural areas, or from the city centre.

Imagine new hubs

based on interactions and lifestyles.

Change the vocation of the city centre

from business exchange to emotional exchange.

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and together we will explore the world of possibilities for
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